Winter Weather

IMPORTANT: The test on chapter 8 has been moved to Monday due to the chance of school being cancelled tomorrow.

If HISD cancels school, we will cancel. If HISD DELAYS school, we will CANCEL school tomorrow.

KHOU’s school closings page

KHOU’s latest forecast




One thought on “Winter Weather

  1. I am so happy to have a snow day at my school also. I thought it was silly until I remembered that high school students drive themselves to school and at 16 or 17 would have no experience with ice. I have a small wooden bridge in front of my house, over a drainage ditch and sure enough it was icy this morning even at noon. My husband pointed out that our bridge is a good model for the freeway bridges that probably were icy.

    Mr. Rispin told me about your class garden and now I want to see it. I also want to know if your apple tree survives the summer. I planted a 3 in one grafted apple tree in my yard last April and it did not survive last summer, though I have a watering system at my house. We did have to drop to twice a week watering in my little city due to the drought. So be sure to plan for summer watering for your tree. What are the 3 varieties on your tree? One of mine was “Anne” I remember. I hope you all are enjoying your snow day. Several teachers at my school gave students work to do, including watching videos on our class portals, so don’t think you are alone if you got some catch up work to do also. Invite me to see you winter garden please.

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