Homework, etc.

Evolution Research Paper:

Please Click here for Instructions on Working in Google Drive

Please Click Here for the Research Paper Assignment


Due Tuesday for Wednesday Workers:

Complete the writing assignment on Genetic Testing of Embryos.

Due Wednesday for Tuesday Workers:

Research and answer in spiral: Why would a business want to sell hybrid seeds, even though farmers will no longer be able to plant the next year’s seeds, and have to buy more each year?

Due Thursday 2/19:  In your Spiral:

1) Use evidence from the class/text to explain why it is important that Mendel began with purebred plants.

2) Mendel saw purple flowers in F1, and purple & white in F2. How does this help us see that traits are passed on with separate genes from each parent?

For Friday 2/14:

Prepare for quiz on Meiosis and Gametes. See this post for details

For Tues/Wed 2/11 or 2/12:

Bring your textbook

Finish the packet

For Thursday 2/6:

Take a break, but get me late work!

Due Tues/Wed 2/4 or 2/5:

Use sections 6.1 and 6.2 to help

1) If a chromosome is made of 2 sister chromatids, what’s the difference between 2 homologous chromosomes and 2 sister chromatids?

2) Where do sister chromatids come from in your body?

3) How does meiosis make new combinations of sister chromatids in the gametes?


Due Monday 2/4:

IN COLOR (different color pens and pencils is enough): draw diagram 6.5 on page 174-5 –

  • include labels
  • colors are for the chromosomes

Due Next Class after the DNA-Protein test:

for chapter 6.1:

  1. for vocabulary: write down definitions (and examples or your own words)
  2. DRAW the table comparing mitosis and meiosis
  3. skim the section to check for understanding, include 3 of:
  • clarification questions about important ideas
  • restate a central idea from the reading

Test on Chapter 8 moved to Monday 1/27 Tuesday/Wednesday the 28th and 29th  OR WHATEVER DAY YOU NEXT HAVE CLASS because of the chance of school being cancelled AGAIN!

Here is the review that is due at the test – you’ve been given the paper copy in class Monday the 27th.


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