Meiosis and Gametes Quiz


autosome; sex chromosome; haploid; diploid; mitosis;  meiosis; homologous chromosome; sister chromatid; somatic cell; gamete; sex cell; sperm; egg


  • be able to describe the difference between homologous chromosomes and sister chromatids;
  • be able to describe the difference between mitosis and meiosis (see page 171);
  • be able to describe the haploid number in gametes compared to the diploid number in a somatic cell in the same organism;
  • be able to explain how meiosis makes haploid gametes – with a drawing

New Unit: Genetics

from wikipedia – spectral karyotype

Next class we will begin a new unit. We’re going to explore how you came to be who you are, and not someone else.

How did you get your unique set of genes?

How do brothers look alike, but usually not identical?

Are we a blend of our parents’ genes, or something else, and how could you tell?